Saturday, January 13, 2007

12. Observe Spirituality in Life

Spirituality and Thiruvalluvar

All the languages of the world start with the letter ‘A’. Thus the starting point had been the same for all of us. And for all of us that starting point is the God who created this world for us and created us as well. 1

We are all created by His pure knowledge and wisdom. All of us derived our languages from Him. Thus it becomes the first duty of all the educated people to express their gratitude to Him and to adore His great feet. 2

The God lives in the hearts of each of us. Those who find refuge in His Feet will lead a long life of happiness. 3

The head which does not bow in reverence before the Lord of all virtues and righteousness is merely a limb of the body without any sensation. 9

God has no likes and dislikes. He treats every body alike. Everyone is assured of a trouble free life if they live by His principles. And these principles are explained in Thirukkural. 4

God is incomparable because He is the embodiment of Values. Those who adopt His values in their day to day lives will be free of any distress. 7

God, our Father is embodiment of enlightenment and grace. If we adhere to the principles of God we too can attain enlightenment and grace. All problems of human race arise from living in ignorance of His principles and from making faults. 5

Human problems arise out of misdeeds committed by the five senses, viz. eyes, ears, tongue, nose and the sense organ. Those who can control these senses and lead a disciplined life can attain fame and longevity. 6

Be guided by those who have crossed the sea of virtues embodied in the Principles of God. When you swim in the sea of virtues, you also swim through wealth and happiness. 8

By observing virtues, we cross the ocean of life with success and attain the feet of Lord and thus overcome the cycle of birth and death. Those who do not adopt a virtuous life would not be able to cross the ocean of life and reach the feet of the Lord. Thus they would continue to travel through the cycle of birth and death eternally. 10

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