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7. Have Right Attitudes towads Money

Paradoxes of human life

This world is a strange place. There are many who are knowledgeable who but remain poor. And there also those who are low in education. But then they are rich. Very rarely knowledge appears to co-exists with material wealth. Why? 374

We may embark on an endeavor believing we have all the advantages but might still fail. And there are also people who sailed against the wind and reached the shore. Why? 375

Howsoever you may guard your wealth, you could still lose it. And howsoever one may be spending his wealth, he may still be bestowed with unending inflow. Why? 376

You may have amassed and hoarded lots of money. But you could still be deprived of enjoying them. Why? 377

The poor people with no resources on their hands could have easily renounced this world and attained all the happiness. But they don’t. Why? 378

When people pass through good time, they consider them as very fortunate. But when bad days come, they start complaining. Why? 379

Wealth is the only one important thing in this world. Only wealth makes insignificant men to become prominent. 751

No one in this world respects people who are poor. Only rich men bag all honors. 752

Wealthy people are respected in all countries. They are even considered the enlightened people. 753

What is that potent force that acts strangely as above? Even when we act cleverly, we are taken for a ride. Many call it fate. Is that true? 380

Nevertheless do not tolerate poverty

Among all the pains, the greatest pain is of poverty. The day to day deprivation and suffering in poverty is untold. 1041

Lack of wealth deprives the poor of enjoying the pleasures of both the present and the future. 1042

Poverty spoils the name and fame of the whole ancestry. It affects family bonds and traditions. 1043

When afflicted by poverty, even people of noble origin lose their niceties and dignity of speech. In effect not only they lose externally but internally also. 1044

Poverty is the mother of all evils and brings in all kinds of difficulties. 1045

The poor have gone through a lot and have lots of experience in life. They have lots of advice to give to others. But just because they are poor, no one would listen to them.

If one is reduced to abject poverty, even his own mother would despise him. And more so when he also lives devoid of virtues. 1047

I went through the pain of hunger and deprivation in the past. Are they going to be my companions even in the future making me miserable? I really dread this poverty. 1048

It may perhaps be possible to sleep even amidst fire around. But when the fire is within you in the name of poverty, you can never have even a wink of sleep. 1049

The more the people continue to live in poverty, the more they would be living on other’s food and wealth. They should find their strengths and work to come out of poverty. 1050

Work to remove your poverty

Not seeking assistance from those who can help and practicing self reliance is a greatest wealth. 1061

Poor people should never even think of resorting to begging. Begging might earn some money but the poverty would continue to exist. 1063

The dignity of poor people who refuse to beg even in the midst of adversities cannot be adequately appreciated even by the whole world. 1064

Even the smallest meal one can get by one’s own labor is much better a feast offered as alms. 1065

Begging is just a mean activity. Even in the name of holy, no begging should be resorted to. 1066

Begging itself is to be avoided. No one should beg especially before people who either hide their wealth or before people who give unwillingly. 1067

Earn wealth honestly

But then realize that material wealth is generally temporary. If you want it to remain permanently with you, do two things. Firstly, earn it by proper means. Then the second is put the wealth to proper use. 333

Honestly earned wealth does not leave you. If you are upright, your wealth will never dwindle. It would even pass on to the next generation happily. 112

Wealth should be earned with love of work and grace in dealing with people. If earned otherwise, it would not stay. 755

Ultimately those who become wealthy are those who do not desire for the wealth of others. The Goddess of wealth stays only in those homes who work for creation of wealth. 179

Have no desire for unearned wealth

Those who care for justice, will not indulge in disgraceful acts of acquiring wealth by unjust means. 172

Wanting to possess the wealth of others and departing from justice will destroy one’s family and keep him in regret through out his life. 171

What is the use of one’s education and intellect if he were to indulge in non-virtuous acts foolishly? 175

Even the very thought of wrongdoings would take one to ruin. Take to the righteous path of compassion and never fall from grace. 176

Avoid the temporary gains coming out of taking other’s wealth. Its fruits are bitter and would ruin your entire family. 177

The way to protect your existing happiness is to avoid longing for other’s wealth. 178

Long term prosperity never visits the envious and never forsakes the virtuous. 170

History tells us that only those who had been devoid of virtues and kindness and been cruel to people had lost all their wealth. 246

Practice no Corruption

If you are in a position of service to people, be impartial. Assess the strengths of each and give each one his due. Do every thing with a sense of equity. Sense of equity is a great virtue. 111

Never adopt wrongful means to earn wealth. Give up ill gotten wealth even it promises prosperity. 113

Crores of enemies are no match to Managers who move with sinister designs for causing harm. Managers with evil designs are the enemies within. 639

A Manager who demands money and practices extortion and corruption is like an armed highway robber demanding money. 552

Truly learned persons will always practice and uphold equity in thought and action. Therefore, whether you go through adversity or prosperity, hold your balance. Then alone you can be considered a person of wisdom. 115

The men of integrity always treat people fairly. Acting as the fine balance, it is they who uphold justice in this world. 118

People who practice integrity do not adopt obliquity in their speech. They are free of any bias in their minds and hence in actions as well. Be unbiased and ensure impartial treatment to all. 119

Even the traders who work for personal profit keep the customer interest in their minds. Why the others cannot do so? 120

Those who want to be respected should keep off from fraud, deceit, bribe and such 281

If you believe you would have no place in this world without money, please also know that people without kindness cannot lead a happy life. 247

People without material wealth could still become prosperous at some time in their life. But there is no hope of prosperity to those who possess no kindness. They will always be experiencing one or the other trouble. 248

They should avoid even the very thought of accessing another’s wealth. 282

Adopt the path of virtue and be content with lawful earning and not even dream of making unearned wealth. 287

Adopt Values. Virtues dwell only in the mind tempered by Values. 288

Consequences of taking bribes

Covetousness brings ruin to one’s family. One achieves real success only when he is free of corrupt mind. 180

Whether you had earned your wealth rightfully or wrongfully would always get reflected in the character of your children. 114

Ups and downs in one’s life always happen with a reason. If one leads a non-virtuous life, he is sure to face a downward movement in life. 115

It is the law of psychology that the thoughts that reside in our minds always come true. The righteous always think that the Dharma would not let them down. And it would not. The wrong doers would always be afraid that they could get caught. And they would. Thus wrongful thinking always takes people to ruin. 116

Well, even in the life of virtuous mishaps may take place. But in their period of adversity, the world comes to the help of people who had been just. The despair visits only the wrong doers. 117

Wealth earned by wrongful means will not stay with the offender. The money thus stored would be like the water stored in pot of un-burnt clay. 660

Wealth that is acquired by deceitful means will appear to grow for some time, but would vanish totally. They would go away the way they came. 283

Love for another’s money would lead to endless grief and pain. 284

Those who have their focus on others’ money would never be able to observe virtues of any kind. 286

Thoughts of deceit will be in the mind who are in the habit of committing frauds. 288

Those who are deep in fraud cannot stop defrauding others. One cannot fool all the people all the time. He would get caught while in the act soon and that would be his end.

While the Gods would protect those who are virtuous, those who are fraudulent will be caught by their own act. 290

Have no wrongful desire for money

Do not have wrongful desire for money 361

The greatest wealth one can aspire for is freedom from wrongful desires. 363

Free your mind of desire for money. Pursue what is of permanent value in this world, i.e. truth. You are presently pursuing what is of temporary value. 364

When you have a wrongful desire, you endeavor to achieve it. And when it could not be achieved, you get upset and tend to achieve it by sinful means. And where you achieve it, you become a slave to it. Thus the very presence of a wrongful desire in your mind blocks you and prevent you from living a virtuous life. 366

When you eye for the others’ wealth or prosperity with envy, you become possessed of wrong desires and you are sure to move away from the path of virtue. That would make you do wrong things and you would lose the wealth and prosperity you already have. Thus acting with envy means you neither desire virtue nor wealth for you. 163

Banish the wrongful desire for money in you and come over to the path of virtue. 367

Those who are free from desires do not experience any difficulties in life. Whereas, those who run after their desires allow pain and grief to visit them. 368

Desire is an evil power. True happiness in life is reserved for those who banish their desires. 369

Desires which are possible to be lawfully satisfied are not bad enough. But all of us should shed desires which are not satiable. If we can do that, we shall live in a perpetual state of happiness. 370

When you have the money, don’t be a miser

Attachment to money makes a person a miser. A miserly person simply stores his wealth and does not use it. He neither helps others nor enjoys the wealth himself. He is as good as dead. 1001

A miser generally thinks that all his gain lies in storing his wealth. This thinking in him will haunt him in days to come. 1002

The Mission of every one born on this birth is to make a meaningful difference in this world and leave it a better place than when he came in. But the miserly people who just do not do anything but only accumulate wealth are a simple burden on this earth. 1003

Misers do not help any one and are therefore despised by the people on earth. They thus can’t earn the affection of any one. What life is it when one lives without the love and affection from and to any one. 1004

What is the use of crores of rupees if that is neither enjoyed by oneself nor given away to others in their difficult times? 1005

The wealth of the miser is like the fruit of a poisonous tree in the village. People cannot use either that fruit or the wealth of the miser. 1008

Ultimately what happens to the wealth of the miser remaining unused and undistributed? It is finally taken over by some strangers, either through theft or inheritance. 1009

Impermanence of life

Intelligence means the ability to distinguish between what is of lasting value and what is temporary. The unintelligent people always commit the folly of treating the unstable as stable. 331

One’s fortune may flow temporarily. It is like gathering of the crowd at the theatre. As soon as the show is over, all people would leave. 332

Material wealth is generally temporary. 333

The next thing that is unstable is time. Time is like a saw. It keeps cutting our life bit by bit as the days pass one by one. 334

People who were alive and kicking yesterday had suddenly vanished today. This world is famous for taking away people all of a sudden. 336

People who keep planning and scheduling do not know what is in store for them the next moment. 337

The eggs believe that the life contained by it within will be therefore ever. But suddenly, it finds that it is broke and the chick goes out. Our body is like that shell wishing that the life be contained within for ever. 338

Oh Man! Don’t be asleep believing nothing can happen to you. Awake. Be born again and lead your second life shedding your wrong beliefs held so far. 339

You are only a visitor to this world. Your soul which is permanent has just taken a temporary shelter in your body. It can leave any time. Be come aware and do good in this life of yours. 340

Before you experience the final moments of tongue blabbering and hiccough arising, do something good. 335

Make Right use of Wealth

The wealth is a blessing when it is used to help the needy people. It is also a blessing when one uses it for one’s own enjoyment. But the wealth that remains unused either way is simply a curse. 1006

God gives us wealth to use it. The wealth that remains unused for the welfare of the needy is similar to the withering beauty of a woman who remains single through her life.

Society generally has two kinds of people. One, who are misers who have lots of money but would not spare it for helping the needy. The second kind consists of those who have a large heart but who possess no wealth and who are like clouds which do not bear the rains. But the nature would soon bless such good hearted people and their poverty is only short lived. 1010

Help those in need

There are people who falsely assure help but take undue advantage of the confidence reposed in them. Do not be one of those people who speak kindly only to exploit the unwary. 285

Seeking the help of others in need is no sin. People come to you for help because they think you can help. And if you can help, but still you don’t, you deserve blame. 1051

Assistance to the needy is always welcome. But you are not under obligation to help if it would put you in pain in the process. The beneficiary would be happy if the help comes out of love and grace. 1052

The beneficiaries would be highly thankful if the help is rendered with grace and beauty.

Never entertain the thoughts of holding back your resources. All the resources are given to you only for being shared with the needy. 1054

Giving and taking are complementary. Both need to exist. When they give, the Haves signify that there are good people around in this world. And when they receive, the Have-nots signify that there are still people in this world on whom we have the great opportunity to shower benevolence. 1055

When a person goes for begging believe he is caught in the sea of difficulties. And when he faces refusal of the giver, his boat crashes on a rock in the high seas. 1068

No one goes out to beg willingly. No one likes to beg. If at all one goes out to beg, he does so with pains in his heart. But when he faces the refusal, it just breaks him. 1069

Needy people die every day by meeting refusal. They do not know how to save themselves. Help them. 1070

When the Haves become generous, the Have-nots lose their indignity. 1056

When the poor see people who simply give without maligning the receiver, the poor derive true happiness and thank God for the presence of those good people in this world.

If there are no poor in this world and every one has in abundance, would the world be ever interesting? Then every one would go his own way unmindful of the others like the dolls. Inequities have been created in this world so that people would venture to bring equity and in the process derive self satisfaction. 1058

If there are no Have-nots in this world, what would the Haves do to attain glory? 1059

The Have-nots should not get upset when they do not get help. And the Haves should not look at the Have-nots with scorn. 1060

Achieve whatever you want, rightly

All your difficulties stem from the foolish acts you might commit. And all your gains come from acting in wisdom. 372

If you are determined and persevere in your endeavors, you are sure to achieve whatever you wanted. If on the other hand you suffer from idleness and procrastination, you are bound to face ruin. 371

Beyond all formal education, what is really important is innate wisdom. 373

Acquire wealth by fair means. The wealth acquired by fair means builds our name and fame. 754

We beget children by practicing love. Similarly we should acquire wealth by nursing love. Not otherwise. 757

Do not hoard money. If you had amassed wealth through illegal means, you will have to encounter lots of enemies. On the contrary, work hard and earn enough of wealth and store it. You will have no enemies at all. Your mere honest example will affect the pride of enemies of virtue. 759

When you accumulate wealth through lawful means, you will be truly virtuous and happy. 760

Be pure in action

Are you interested to earn the respect in the society? Then don’t do anything that would affect your reputation. 653

Have clarity of purpose in whatever you do and have unwavering strength of mind to follow virtues. They will save you from doing anything demeaning. 654

Never ever do any act which you would regret later. And where you had already done such an act, take precautions and avoid their repetition. 655

Righteous people, even in adverse situations, do not do things which are condemnable. Even in the face of one’s mother being hungry, they would not indulge in wrongful acts.

Righteous men prefer suffering in poverty over wealth earned from sinful acts. 657

Those who knowingly commit forbidden acts may succeed temporarily, but in the end their lives would be one of lasting regrets. 658

Gains extracted from the tears of others will go down the drain taking along with them the tears from your own eyes. The cry of others caused by you will not leave you unpunished. Be fair, do good deeds and earn good for yourself. 659

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