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9. Acquire Managerial Skills

Know the Expectations from you

A Manager must be one of wisdom who finds the resources, takes the right action at the right time and achieves results. 631

Every Manager should have five qualities. They must be of profound learning. They must possess firmness in dealings. They should have mastery over the task on hand. They should also have determination to succeed. And they should apply these qualities to their work with a focus on welfare of the people. 632

Managers should be able separate the grain from the chaff, i.e. distinguish between the performers and the non-performers. They should then be able to focus on making further improvement in the performance of performers and also in turning the non-performers into performers. 633

Managers should be capable of comprehending the issues before them. Then they should be able to choose the best means to execute the jobs on hand. They should also be able to convincingly explain the job, the purpose, and the means of achievement of the same to his staff. 634

Managers should be possessors of virtue and of considerate speech with ability to spot talents. 635

All the skills needed for overcoming difficulties present themselves before those who have the combination of good learning and wisdom. 636

Managers lacking in abilities will never be able to achieve results though having all the resources at their command. 640

Managers should know the virtues cherished by Superiors and observe virtues meticulously avoiding even small faults. Once detected to have faults, they are likely to lose the trust of Superiors and it would be difficult to restore the trust subsequently. 693

Managers must be thinking Managers. They should not apply rules blindly. They should think and apply rules with common sense. 637

Managers should not lust for or seek or otherwise misuse the perks available to Superiors

One should not believe they can do anything just because of their confirmed position in the establishment. The enlightened would never misuse their privileges and would not do the disagreeable. 699

Similarly one should not take liberties to do anything just because of their long service in the establishment. Any disagreeable act is likely land the doer in difficulties. 700

Observe Good Conduct before Superiors

Every Manager will have a superior above him. On any given issue, it is the duty of Managers to place their honest opinions before the superiors, whether or not the same would be agreed to. 638

Like the person warming him before the fire, the Managers shall neither go too close to Manager nor would keep away from the Superiors. 691

In the presence of seniors, one should avoid whispering to colleagues and laughing with them. 694

Unless otherwise told to them by the seniors, Managers must not probe, pry into, seek or show inquisitiveness to know the details not revealed by the Superiors. 695

Whenever there is need to convey any information to the seniors, the same be communicated in a positive spirit after choosing the right time and seeing the disposition of the senior. 696

What is important to be known by the senior must be conveyed, though choosing the right time and disposition. And what is only a futile and useless talk, should be avoided even if sought for by the senior. 697

Do not behave loosely with the seniors even if they are of younger age or even when they are known to you. Give them all due respect at all times. 698

Superiors are people who have risen to their position with superior qualities. Do not be a person of little mind as to lack the aptitude to respect great men and to learn from them.

Do not be one of little minds who get busy boasting their own glory. Do not be one to consider superiors as lacking in capacities than you and look down on them. 977

Greatness can be identified through one’s humility and modesty. Meanness can be identified through one’s arrogance, self admiration and vanity. 978

Greatness lies in shedding vanity. Meanness lies in boasting in offensive vanity. 979

Greatness ignores the faults of others. Meanness exposes the faults of others. 980

Maintain Good Customer Relations

Only those who are pleasant and concise in words, avoid inconsiderate talk and bring smile in the face of customers can bring results to the establishment. 685

Good upbringing, devotion to the establishment, courtesy in dealings and virtuous actions are the characteristics needed for having good Customer Relations. 681

Friendly disposition, good knowledge of the affairs and well developed communication ability are the three essential qualities in Customer Relations. 682

Since Managers would be interacting with learned customers, those desiring to be successful in Customer dealings should be more learned. 683

Only those who have good personality, hands on knowledge and have the ability to keep cool can succeed in Customer Relations. 684

Be courteous to those coming to you

You are considered courteous when you become easy of access to people. Once you are easy of access, you would command all respect in this world. 991

Love for others and having a good family background are the two factors that keep you virtuous. 992

What makes you acceptable is not either your personality or your dressing for the occasion. Your worth comes from your courteous behavior and humanity. 993

Your kind assistance to people making the beneficiaries feel grateful to you, would be appreciated even by others in the world. The world is always grateful to those who are courteous and do good. 994

Even in jest do not be discourteous. Be courteous even towards those who are unfriendly to you. 995

The whole world survives on the strength of good people. But for them, it would have been in ruins long ago. 996

One may have all the sharpness of intellect and knowledge. But they are as good as dead like a piece of wood if they do not possess courtesy. 997

We should be courteous even to people who are unkind. That is the trait of virtuous people. 998

Those who behave discourteously and fail to gladden the hearts of people, bring darkness even during the day time. 999

All the resources at the hands of discourteous is as good as milk kept in an unclean vessel which is bound to go sour. 1000

Be persuasive with your Customers

Only those who are knowledgeable, fearless, persuasive, impressive and expedient can sell their ideas. 686

To persuade successfully, work with duty consciousness, time consciousness and place consciousness. 687

The attributes of Sales personnel are morality, loyalty, fearlessness, and honesty. 688

If you want to be a good persuader, act with conviction and courage. 689

The ultimate persuader should be one who acts with determination against all odds to bring benefit to the establishment. 690

Handle Tasks with Forethought and Motivation

Before taking up any task for achievement, four things have to be weighed. They are, the gravity of the situation, the threat perception, the resources available for goal achievement and the commitment quotient for task completion. 471

Nothing is impossible to achieve, if you know the nature of the task and are willing to put your heart and soul into it for goal achievement. 472

Pride lies in achieving greatness in the chosen field. If you are leading a life devoid of pride, you are leading an unenlightened life. 971

Every body is born equal. Achievement lies in your growing unequal. No one is respected by birth but by one’s skills and achievements. 972

By taking birth in a great family, one does not become great. By taking birth in a low family, one does not become low. One becomes great by his own deeds and achievements. 973

Great men by their great deeds achieve great things which are difficult for the others to achieve. 975

Have Time Strategy

Between the crow and the owl, the latter is stronger. But during the day time, the owl cannot see. Hence the crow chooses the day time to conquer the owl. Thus for conquering any assignment, time is an important element. 481

Timing is one of the secrets of success. 482

True, you should have proper resources to handle a task well. But the when you use those resources at a favorable time, even tougher jobs can be achieved easily. 483

You can win any assignment when you strike at the right time and at the right place. [Think as to how the Russians defeated Hitler?] 484

People who wait for the right time to strike are great strategists. They patiently wait for the opportune moment to arrive to make their movement. 485

One of the strategies of the strong is to wait in silence to strike from a vantage point. 486

Wise men do not strike in anger. They control their feelings and smolder within waiting for the right time to strike. 487

Bear with patience the difficulties you encounter. Lie low till is opportune. Attack the task at the right time. 488

Time always provides us a golden opportunity. Be on the look out for the right time. And when it arrives, go all out to achieve the impossible. 489

Observe the stork bird. It waits in patience and attacks the prey at the favorable opportunity. And that should be the strategy. 490

Choose your Territory

Just as proper timing is important the need for a proper place can also not be overemphasized for handling a task on hand. 491

Howsoever knowledgeable and skilled one may be, a place secure enough for handling the task on hand is necessary. 492

If the place is right, even the unskilled can overcome their lack. 493

If you have ensured a locational advantage for yourself, no competitor can carry on his activities. 494

Your personal skills and ability would not be of any advantage at a wrong location. The all powerful crocodile loses its strength once out of water. 495

Every one needs a favorable territory to carry on his activities. Neither a chariot with mighty wheels can run on sea nor can a ship sail on the land. There is a place for every thing and every thing has a place. 496

For success in an endeavor, beyond courage all that you need is a proper place. 497

One in the security of his own location can win over even mighty competitors. A big army marching into the territory of a small chieftain can lose if the latter has his locational advantage. 498

To win the natives in their own lands is difficult for even a mighty army. 499

The mighty elephant might kill even big armies. But the same elephant might fall a prey to a small fox if it is caught in a marshy land. 500

Do not overload yourself

Many had taken up assignments over ambitiously without assessing all the aspects. All of them had ultimately to withdraw in the mid course. 473

Those who under estimate the risks involved and plunge into the tasks thinking too much of themselves would come to grief. 474

Do not take over more tasks on hand than you can manage. The axle of the cart can break with over load of the materials put on it. 475

Over ambition could make you move to the top of the tree. But even the green stick can bend only up to certain limit beyond which you could fall down and endangering your life. 476

You should not over stretch yourself beyond limits. Even a person doing charity needs to keep in mind the wealth he has and not expend beyond the resources available. 477

Never mind your achievements being small. You should take up more tasks only when you think you have the resources therefor. At no time, go beyond your capacity. It is similar to the need to live within one’s income. 478

When one starts taking more than what his plate can accommodate, things will start falling off. One who starts living extravagantly could perish sooner. 479

Going beyond one’s capacity, can affect even the strongest. One’s charity beyond capacity could affect even the wealthy. 480

If overloaded, create your Team

The job requirements, the capabilities needed for performing the job and the appropriate time for making the induction must all be weighed and action taken for inducting a Team Member. 516

If you decide to make inductions to your Team, check the prospective members on four basic aspects. The basic aspects to be tested are his virtues, his financial position, his integrity and his safety consciousness. 501

The next aspects to be checked on the person to be had in your team, employed are his family background, freedom from vices, and fear of sins. 502

Beyond his blemish-less character, the next thing to be checked is his knowledge and competence for the job. One may have studied well, but yet, when it comes to the question of a job, one may still be ignorant of the expectations on the job. 503

Be careful about choosing persons who have no family to support. People who have no family to support lack social instincts and cannot think through their heart. And such persons can be reckless and commit crimes. 506

No one is either fully virtuous or free of all blemishes. Every one is a mixture of both good and bad. Therefore, weigh both good and bad in the person and decide based on what predominates in his composition. 504

Examine the good and bad in the prospective team member and choose the one who is most suitable. 511

In identifying people for your team, keep off from nepotism. Your blind attachment to a particular person could result in employing a person without sufficient knowledge. 507

Similarly, do not select total strangers, untested by the above parameters. If you do, you could land in troubles. 508

Employing a person without ability to persevere and achieve goals is like giving the sword to a soldier who is a coward. 614

Communicate expectations to your team members

Any Team Member must be one who could improve revenue and avoid losses for the employer. He must be one who should be able to overcome all obstacles on the way and do the right. 512

The Team Member must possess four qualities, viz. love for work, knowledge to do the job, skill to do the job and absence of greed to make money for himself. 513

Assign Tasks

Despite all assessment, every Team Member is likely to vary in his perceptions, performance and other endowments. 514

Notwithstanding individual differences in Team Members, one’s knowledge and ability to make his job a success should be re-tested before assignment of jobs. 515

Once satisfied that the person has stood the tests and proved himself suitable for task entrustment, he could be entrusted with the tasks identified for him. 517

The task entrustment to be done only after satisfaction that he would be fit enough to do that job. 518

Trust your Team Members

All assessments must be done before the candidate is put on the tasks. And once put on the tasks with deliberate care, trust must be placed on him to enable him to perform with confidence. Mistrust will affect his performance. 509

Trusting a person before assessment and mistrusting the person after task assignment, both are harmful. 510

Once he has joined you as a team member, trust the Members for performance of the jobs assigned. Mistrusting Team Members would result in their ineffective performance and consequently loss of the human resource so carefully acquired. 519

Not only trust them for their jobs, but also take care of their interests because by their performance of duties, they are going to carry the activities in their right path. 520

Make Performance Evaluation

Without mistrusting the Members, verify one’s quality by his actions. Assess his actions and identify what sort of a man is he. 505

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