Saturday, January 13, 2007

11. Respect Environment

Saint Thiruvalluvar, has spoken much about rains. His words of wisdom have much to communicate to us.

By sending the rains down to earth, the Divine energy of the Heaven is sending down the nectar for his children to live. We all survive and enjoy life, thanks to the rain. 11

Water is a multipurpose material. It both serves as food and producer of food. It alone helps growth and production of all inputs that we need in life. 12

If the rains would not fall, the whole world would starve. 13

If the rains would not fall, all agricultural activity would grind to a halt. 14

If the rains would not fall, we shall all perish. Only its regular blessings keep us alive. 15

If the rains would not fall, not even the grass would grow. Then where is greenery and prosperity? 16

If the rains would not fall, even the seas could shrink since they would not get replenished. 17

If the rains would not fall, all our celebrations, festivities and offerings would come to an end. 18

If the rains would not fall, the very word ‘benevolence’ would go out of the dictionary and every body would be out there grabbing what little is available and committing crimes. 19

If the rains do not fall, all virtues in the world would come an end. The world cannot exist without water. And there would be no water without rains. 20

Rains fail to fall on the land where people are unjust. When natural resources are plundered, the nature obviously feels it is no use giving such people the natural gifts. 559

Where there are good people, the environment is well taken care of and the Nature in return takes care of people blessing them with copious rains and plentiful crops. 545

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