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8. Have Right Attitudes towards Work

Let Work be your priority

The human race spent many years roaming around hunting. Finally they came to pastoral age and settled down to do agriculture. It finally dawned on man that he has to work and toil to improve his lot. 1031

The most important thing that every one should devote himself to is to do all that is necessary to improve the condition of his family. 1021

Only two things can improve conditions of one’s family. They are acquisition of knowledge and hard work. 1022

Those who are willing to acquire knowledge and to do hard work to improve conditions of his life will always find help ready at hand. 1023

Success comes chasing to one who wants to improve the condition of self and family and work in that direction untiringly. 1024

The whole world is waiting to befriend one who work hard to improve his conditions without adopting wrongful means. 1025

Courage and confidence in one’s endeavors automatically bring improvement to one’s family conditions. 1026

Battles are won by soldiers who fight with confidence and conviction. Similarly family fortunes are won by those who work with confidence and competence. 1027

Seasons may change. But they are of no excuse to those who work for family prosperity and honor. One should not resort to any excuse for not working including on pretexts of false dignity. 1028

A soldier going to the war should not be afraid of wounds on his body. Similarly one who is working for his family upliftment, should not be afraid of difficulties he may encounter. 1029

Avoid Laziness and complacency

Laziness, inactivity, apathy and the mad joy are different forms of thoughtlessness and are more harmful than uncontrolled wrath. 531

Thoughtless people lose fame and this is seen world over. 533

Lazy people suffer from lack of ability to see the future. They are unwary of their folly. In times to come, they will be left with only feelings of regret. 535

Laziness and complacency ensures you do not acquire more knowledge. And freezing of knowledge kills your renown and drives you to poverty. 532

Forts cannot do any good to people who are gripped with fear. Similarly, no good can come to those who are complacent and indifferent. 534

One needs to be awake at all times. All the good can come only to those who keep vigil at all times. 536

Keep alert and be on readiness at all times. Persist towards your goals with all the zeal. If one so lives, nothing is impossible for him. 537

Action and ceaseless efforts are most important. Any neglect and indifference in this regard will deprive you of any command in life. 538

People who are willfully negligent and revel in drinks and delight have always perished.

Be diligent and thoughtful. That is the way to reach the goal and achieve the objectives.

Know the Perils of laziness

Your family may be a great one who may have achieved prosperity. All this prosperity can vanish if laziness and inactivity pervades your life. 601

Those who want to preserve the name and fame of family will never allow sloth to enter the minds of any family member. 602

If you suffer from laziness and inactivity, you will see the downfall of your family in front of your own eyes, soon to be followed by your own regretful expiry. 603

If you allow laziness and inactivity in your family members, the drying up of family resources will encourage the members to commit crimes and take the family to ruin. People who enter crimes are those who had wasted their past life in laziness and inactivity. 604

Those who go to ruin take the four routes. The routes are procrastination, indifference, inactivity and sleep. 605

Even if there are people to extend financial support, lazy families cannot derive much benefit therefrom. 606

Families suffering from indifference and inactivity will ultimately face disgrace in the society. 607

A once thriving family, due to damages caused by laziness, will be forced to work as slaves of their enemies. 608

The only way to bring back the prosperity into your family is to banish laziness in members of the family. 609

All the prosperity of a kingdom is due to banishing laziness in people and making them productively employed. 610

Have Self Motivation

Your real possession is your self Motivation. If you are self motivated you possess everything. And if you are not self motivated, you can not possess anything else. 591

Self Motivation alone is wealth. If this wealth is not there in you, all other wealth would fly away from you. 592

Your strength lies in making constant efforts. If you fail to make efforts, be ready to grieve losing the opportunities that knock your doors. 593

You don’t need to go after wealth. Wealth and prosperity will find their way to you if you are a person of tireless efforts and undaunted will. 594

Howsoever deep the water may be, by their self efforts, the Lily and Lotus rise above the waters. Have that mental strength to rise in your life. 595

Every obstacle can be overcome and even unattainable results can be achieved by one’s constant efforts. Be always willing to exert yourself. 596

Why are the elephants chosen to participate in a war? Elephants have the capacity to carry on the fight despite piercing arrows. Similarly, be a person of strong willpower and even in adversities, carry on your fight to achieve your goals without losing your self motivation. 597

A person of no strong will can never achieve reputation in this world. 598

If you have the courage, you can win even the strongest. If you attack like a tiger, even an elephant, though big in size and possessing strong and sharp tusks, will fear you and run away from you. 599

Your strength lies in Motivation, courage and willingness to exert yourself in pursuit of goals. Without this mind set, you are as good as a piece of wood. 600

Think and Act

Think and do. Don’t do and think. Any mission is to be undertaken after due thinking. Starting the mission in haste and thinking about it subsequently is a blunder. 467

Doing a thing that should not be done and not doing a thing that needs to be done, both are ruinous. 466

Do not risk your capital with mere hopes of profit. Wise men would not risk their capital in anticipation of unsure gains. 463

Do not embark upon a thoughtless expedition. Acting without forethought and deliberated plans, would make your enemies more strong. 465

When you think in advance, you are able to organize your strategy. Ill organized working, though backed up by others, is bound to fail. Not plans, but planning alone would help you succeed. 468

Do not do anything that the others would consider unwise. The world would not take kindly to unbecoming ventures. 470

Deliberate before Action

Think well of your costs, yields and profits, before deciding to take any action. 461

First consult with your own people of probity and weigh the pros and cons of what you are going to do. Now after due deliberations, a considered action is taken, you can always achieve what you wanted. 462

Do you want to proceed with an act? Consider certain elements before start doing the job. The things to be considered are the nature of the deed to be undertaken, the resources needed, the details of work to be done, the time element and the place of performance. 675

Do not venture to do anything the implications of which have not been fully deliberated and understood. If done in haste, you could get disgraced. 464

Who are all with you in execution of your plans? Have you identified their dispositions and allotted them jobs to suit their demeanor? If people’s dispositions are not taken into account, the achievement of the goal could fail even if the tasks are otherwise well executed. 469

Well, in addition to the above, also deeply consider what the finished product should look like, the possible obstacles that you could encounter and the ultimate benefit you have in mind. 676

It is also better to consult the experts on the job and to know the intricacies involved and be aware of the methods to follow to take the activity to fruition. 677

You would no doubt need to take the help of your friends in achieving the task. But more than that befriend your enemies to avoid obstacles they could otherwise put on your path.

When you consider yourself needing help for goal achievement, meet and establish an alliance with those who are superior in the field. 680

Make a Plan of Action

Telling what you are going to do is easy. But the difficulty always arises in implementation. 664

Divide your goal into sub-goals and make achievement each sub-goal as the preparatory action for achieving the next. You know we catch an elephant by using another elephant.

Do not believe in luck or ill luck. Absence of luck does not handicap one who works hard and proceeds towards his goal. 618

Do not announce what you are going to do earlier than doing it to people unconnected with the job execution. Achieve your goals and then make it known to others. Sometimes announcing what you are going to do put your goal achievement in jeopardy. 663

Take Prompt action

Friends can at best support you and encourage you in your endeavors. But the efforts to achieve your desired goals have to come only from you. 651

Make due deliberations and consultations before resolving to carry out an act. But once resolved, delaying taking action is inadvisable. 671

When all is clear, take prompt action. When there is ambiguity, subject it to more deliberations and thinking. 673

After due consideration, once you have resolved to do a particular thing, carry it out firmly without any hesitation and delay. 668

Delay in taking action is acceptable where caution is needed. But where the need is for quick results, you need to act faster. Do not delay those which need not be delayed. 672

Be pure in action

Any thing you do must fulfill two conditions. Either it must promote virtue or bring you fame. All other actions are worth being discarded. 652

Are you interested to earn the respect in the society? Then don’t do anything that would affect your reputation. 653

Have clarity of purpose in whatever you do and have unwavering strength of mind to follow virtues. They will save you from doing anything demeaning even in your adversity. 654

Never ever do any act which you would regret later. And where you had already done such an act, take precautions and avoid their repetition. 655

Righteous people, even in adverse situations, do not do things which are condemnable. Even in the face of one’s mother being hungry, they would not indulge in wrongful acts.

Those who knowingly commit forbidden acts may succeed temporarily, but in the end their lives would be one of lasting regrets. 658

Do not fear Problems

At the beginning you may encounter teething troubles. But when carried out with courage, you can achieve the goal and attain enduring gains. 669

Laugh at your at adversities. Tell them that you are bigger than they and order them to get lost. And take action to drive them away. This attitude of yours will keep them away. 621

Even flood of difficulties would not stand before the person who has the determination to face them. 622

Do not be afraid of the pains one has to undergo in goal achievement. Let your courage drive away the pains to come back as pleasures. 623

The path may be rough and uneven. But the bullock cart ceaselessly negotiates the tract and makes progress towards its destination. In the same way, continue with your efforts with perseverance and you would overcome all difficulties. 624

Even if you face series of difficulties, make them all disappear and perish with your overwhelming resolution. 625

People who do not run after wealth would not lose their peace when they lose their affluence. They would neither exult in riches nor would feel disparate in adversity. 626

The wise men know that one has to take pains in life. They know pain is inevitable in life, but misery is optional. Hence they don’t consider pain as pain and are not unduly worried about it. 627

Pain and Pleasure are a life philosophy. Wise men know that when one takes pains, the pleasures are waiting to bless him and when one goes after pleasures, the pain is waiting to grab him. Therefore wise men do not run after pleasures but opt for taking pains. 628

Persons of balance do neither seek joy in pleasures nor grieve in sorrows. 629

Persons of maturity take pain and pleasure evenly and earn the esteem of even their adversaries. 630

Have Determination to succeed

One may have other virtues such as knowledge and skill. But more prized are the will power and determination. The world does not esteem those with no will power. 670

What really helps you to achieve your goal is your determination. Determination is a supreme power in comparison to all others. 661

Be determined to guard against adversities. And then cross all obstacles with determination. Live by these two maxims. 662

Planning to details, determination to achieve the goal and total involvement in its achievement always lead to success. 666

In achievement of the goal, the size of the man does not matter. For a big chariot to move, what help are the small linch pins in the wheel. 667

Take leadership. Be a leader. The credit for the determination with which the soldiers fought the war and won it, always goes to the King, the leader. 665

Persevere till Achievement

Don’t leave the job unfinished. It is never advisable to leave the battle half way. Anything unfinished can flare up like a fire not put out fully. 674

Don’t give up in the face of difficulties. Persevere till you attain your goals. Self motivation and willingness to work hard would ensure difficulties do not frustrate you. Only perseverance can take you to fame. 611

Be determined to take the task to the right finish. Do not give up any job unfinished in the middle. If you abandon the work unfinished, be aware that the world would abandon you and that would be your finish. 612

Perseverance is a virtue without which, you can’t achieve any goal. When you cannot help yourself, how can you be expected to render service to the society? 613

Do not run after pleasures. Be goal conscious and be persevering. Only then your family can look up to you for support and redeeming them from sufferings. 615

What makes a difference between rich and poor is industry and hard work. Industry brings in wealth and lack of it brings in poverty. 616

Person who is not industrious brings total darkness to his life. Goddess of Wealth smiles only on those who work hard and persevere to succeed. 617

Some may attribute one’s failure to fate. There is nothing called fate. No fate can stand up before the person who is working hard to achieve his goals. Sincere hard work always brings its reward. 619

Work hard with determination to overcome the difficulties. You will overcome your destiny. 620

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