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4. Keep away from Bad Habits

The Need to keep off Evil

He who refuses to believe in what the world believes in would be a bad spirit in this world. 850

The ignorant inflict on themselves more harm than what even their enemies can do. 843

People conceal their nakedness by wearing dress. But what is the use of this dressing when the whole world knows about their faults? So the important thing to do is to remove one’s faults. 846

Fearing the evils is not fear, but wisdom. Not fearing the evil is foolishness. Be wise to avoid evil thinking, evil habits and evil people. 428

The nature of human mind and sense organs is to wander. It is wisdom that reins over them and controls them. It is wisdom that protects you from evils and keeps you on the right path. 422

Evil 1: Frivolous Talks

All grains have a grain part and a chaff part. A grain becomes a grain only when removed of chaff. Similarly, profitless discussions and actions signify the chaff of men which need to be removed. 196

No one likes those who talk in vain. Such people are despised by all. 191

Engaging in frivolous talks in the presence of many people is worse than indulging in unvirtuous deeds. 192

Indulgence in blabber simply identifies one as a good for nothing person. 193

Indulgence in talks devoid of profit or pleasure in a gathering of people does not bring good either to others or to oneself. 194

Virtuous people never indulge in discussion on matters of inconsequence. And in case they do, they lose their nobility in the eyes of all. 195

Talking harsh is much better than talking silly. 197

Wise men will always talk about matters of great importance and would never talk on meaningless issues. 198

People of clear vision and wisdom would never talk non-sense even in their light moods.

If you have to speak, speak usefully. Never indulge in useless speech. 200

Evil 2: Anger

Many show their anger before the weak but restrain it before the strong. Restraining one’s anger before the mighty is no restraint at all. To be real, the restraint should be before the weak. 301

Whether it is before the mighty or the weak, anger is bad enough. But where it runs amuck on the weak, it is just evil. 302

Anger is the source of many evil spirits. Please avoid anger. 303

Anger first kills your laughter, joy and pleasure. Can there be any greater enemy to your life? 304

Anger means, there is lack of mental balance and control. People with such a frame of mind are an easy pray to the enemy at any place any where. 864

Anger is fatal to good relationships. It is good relationships that serve as a life boat and helps us to cross problems in life. But anger and wrath in a man makes our kith and kin and also friends dislike us and desert us. Thus anger burns our life boats. 306

Do not believe that your anger is going to change the person you are angry against. He is going to remain the same. But it is you who is going to undergo the pain. Anger would always cause damage to the hand of one who is beating the ground. 307

Even when one throws a bundle of fire at you, do not bring more fire to the scene arising your anger. Your anger will add fire in you as well as kindle more fire in the other person. Restrain your anger even against those causing harm to you. 308

What do you want to achieve through your anger? That can be more easily and quickly achieved through kindness. When you banish anger from you, you would get all that you want. 309

Once you hurt a person with your anger, people would stop talking to you. To them you are no more in existence. Thus your anger destroys you and you get counted among the dead. Renounce anger and be a respected person. 310

If you want to protect yourself, stop getting angry. If you do not guard yourself from anger, your anger would kill you. People who unleash anger on others always repent later and suffer from guilt throughout their lives. 305

Evil 3: Hate and Hostility

Hatred in you means neither you love nor are you loved. With hatred in you neither you are strong nor are you supported. In such a situation, your hatred can never make you win. Shed the hate in you. 862

Strong people do not feel hate. Only weak people do. By harboring hatred in you, you reveal you lack courage, you are ignorant, you are restless and you are uncharitable. These negative feelings would not support you in your fight against the person whom you hate. And with these negative assets if you go to fight with him, you will end up surrendering. 863

Hate means you are consumed by anger. Anger means, there is lack of mental balance and control. People with such a frame of mind are an easy pray to the enemy at any place any where. 864

Hatred is the fountain head of unfriendliness, discourteous treatment and all hostility towards another. Hatred is the cause for all disunion. 851

Even if one harbors hatred against you and does harm to you, be virtuous enough not to cause harm to him. Avoid the feeling of hatred in you. 852

When you overcome hatred against those who hate you, you crown yourself with glory.

Hatred is the captain of evils. When you get rid of this chief evil, you get rid of the greatest misery to you. When you have overcome this chief evil, no other evil would near you and you will have a joyous life. 854

Hatred is the chief of all evils. And one who has conquered this chief evil, no one else can conquer him. 855

Hatred clouds our vision. It prevents us from understanding and seeing the truth. 857

Do not fight the hated. Fight the hatred. The real power lies in fighting the hatred in yourself. If on the contrary, you nourish hatred, it will kill you from the insides and bring your own ruin. 858

Hatred breeds disaster. Freedom from hatred breeds prosperity. 859

All evils arise from hatred. All delights arise from good virtuous life. 860

When you suffer from hostility, you do not use opportunities with tact and you do not possess winning qualities. You are an easy target if you do not adopt considered ways.

Do not fight fire with fire. You would end up in ashes. Do not believe in retaliating the hatred with hatred. It would cloud your eyes, prevent you from thinking positively and would cause you ruin. 856

You should hate only those who lack virtues and full of vices. 868

Don’t be ignorant. Don’t be angry. Don’t be in hate. Overcome your weak feelings. Glory awaits you. 870

Evil 4: Envy

One can lead a disciplined life only when his mind is clean and free of dirt. One of the important dirts to be removed is envy. Envy means jealousy, greed, resentment, vengeance and malice. The presence of these dirts would make you think and act in an undisciplined way. 161

When you shed envy, you are marching towards obtaining glory. The biggest wealth you can acquire is to be free of envy. 162

Wise men do not allow envy to enter their minds. They know that if envy enters their minds, it would cause all evil to them. Be wise and know the miseries that envy could cause you. 164

The presence of envy in your mind is your greatest enemy and you need no other enemy to bring you to ruins. Your other enemies might try to hit you and fail, but the envy would not. 165

When envy is present in you, you can not tolerate another person becoming prosperous with help of a third person. Such a deep jealousy in you will destroy you totally with deep implications to your family. 166

The other name of envy is the path of gloom. Thus people with envy never truly become prosperous. 167

Envy even spoils one’s existing wealth and would drive him to days filled with misery.

If an envious man turns wealthy and if a virtuous man turns poor, it is time for them to think and reflect. 169

Evil 5: Slander

Even if one does not possess any virtue, at least one should avoid slander and back biting.

Smiling in one’s presence and back biting in his absence is a worst kind of offence, sin and vice and is worse than ignoring virtues. 182

One’s death is better than his leading a dubious life of slander and backbiting. Such a death is virtuous. 183

Even the use of harsh words in one’s presence is much better than backbiting. 184

Never indulge in slander and back biting in the absence of people. If you want to talk about others, talk about their virtues. 185

Those who talk about the failings of others, should realize that they too have their own failings of which the other people are aware. 186

Those who indulge in back biting are those who are unaware of cultivating friendships through sweet words. 187

Many trumpet about the faults of one’s own kith and kin. Think of what all they would do about the faults of yourself. 188

Our mother earth is really very patient. Just observe how does she bear the burden of those who have mean minds and back bite. 189

How happy we will all be if people were to consider the faults of others as their own? 190

Fasting never kills any one. Nobility never slanders any one. 984

Evil 6: Evil Thinking

Good people fear doing any evil act and committing any sin. But men who are already deep into evil doing, do not fear doing more evil. They even boast of being experts in evil doing and take pride in it. 201

If the fire when it is small is not quenched, it will spread more and more and would destroy everything one has. Similar is the nature of evil thinking. One evil produces another and then the third and so on. If it is not removed in the bud, it will grow into a formidable negative force and would destroy you completely. 202

Evil thinking and evil doing should get totally removed from our minds. Even we should not think of evil even to those who do evil to us. And that is the supreme virtue. Thus do not even think of evil to your enemies. 203

Never scheme evil to your enemies. The God of virtues would handle the evil doers in His own way. 204

Even in poverty and adversity, we should not think of committing evil deeds. If we do so, we will only become more poor and more miserable. 205

If you want to be free of pain and suffering, the greatest idea is to be virtuous and not think of any evil to others. 206

One may escape his enemies. But the evil acts committed will haunt him throughout his life. 207

Evil deeds committed by you will chase you to any place you go, like your shadow. 208

If you really love you and your family, never entertain evil thought and never commit any evil act. Avoid every evil including the trivial ones. 209

If you strictly adhere to the right path, hardly any sorrow will befall on you and you would be secure at all times. 210

Evil 7: Enmity and Revenge

Do not be imprudent to have enmity with those who are powerful. And there is no honor in having enmity with those who are weak. 861

Do not nurse only rage and enmity and do not be only wrathful. What you nurse will come back to you from the enemy and haunt you. What goes around comes around. 866

In enmity, if you are foolish and coward enough only to practice hate, you will become an easy target. 869

The code of non-violence is abstaining from causing harm to others including by those who are rich, famous and powerful. 311

Learned men do not carry any malice. They do not think of evil even against those who had caused them harm. 312

Any feelings of revenge in us towards those who have caused us harm, will only affect us. 313

Do not carry feelings of revenge feelings in you against a person who has caused harm to you. And if you still want to punish him, do him some good so that the other person feels shame and suffers feelings of regret for having caused you harm. 314

People of wisdom consider the pain of others as their own. It is not wisdom if it cannot share the pain of others. 315

Whatever you consider as painful to you, do not do that towards others. 316

Never even think of doing harm to anyone anywhere any time. That is the highest virtue.

It is strange that people inflict injury upon others knowing fully well that it would cause severe pain if inflicted on himself. 318

What you give away would always comes back to you. If you do harm to others it will not take long for the same to recoil on you. 319

All pains you undergo in life are due to the pain you had caused on others. If you do not want to suffer in life, never make others suffer. 320

When the mind thinks and acts evil, the five senses of the man laugh and celebrate their triumph. 271

The only enmity that is justified is with those who are seemingly close to you but who indulge in activities against your interests. 867

Evil 8: Hypocrisy

The great stature of a hypocrite will get exposed the moment he commits a wrongful act.

He is a simple goat wearing the skin of a tiger who projects himself a saint but has all the weaknesses of a common man lurking within. 273

A man who commits evils under the mask of a saint is like a hunter waiting for the victims to appear before him. 274

The false conduct of those who proclaim themselves as saints would land the person in unending problems. 275

Amongst all living men the more hardened criminals would be those who have not shed the evil in their minds but dress and act like saints. 276

There are many people in this world who externally pose in bright colors like the lovely fruits but are internally as black as the seeds of those very same fruits. 277

Our country is a land of many holy places. At all these holy places many insincere men present themselves wearing the mask of holy men. Foul in heart, they live the life of shame but surround themselves with crowds of men singing in their holiness. 278

The arrow which is straight can kill people. But the curved Veena instrument produces a lovely music. Thus we should judge people not by their appearance but by their deeds.

To praise God, one neither need grow beard nor tonsure their head. What will please God is our abstaining from the evil. 280

Evil 9: Drinking

Once addicted to liquor, you are wedded to the liquor for life. And you would all your glory in daily doses. 921

Do not consume liquor. No drunkard can ever become a learned person deserving the respect of others. Only those should opt for drinking who do not want to have any self esteem. 922

Drunkards are disliked even by their own mothers. Then where is the question of their being considered respectable by the learned? 923

Every housewife feels ashamed of having a husband in a drunkard. 924

Drinking habit must indeed be a sin carried forward from the previous birth. Other wise it is difficult to explain the foolishness of purchasing forgetfulness and benumbing your senses spending all your wealth. 925

When you lose all your consciousness, you are as good as dead. Thus liquor is a poison, a daily poison at that. 926

A drunkard loses all his senses and lets out all secrets about himself. He becomes a laughing stock in the eyes of neighbors. 927

All people who drink invariably deny they are drunkards. But very soon they let the cat out of the bag and prove that they are. 928

Trying to reason out with a drunkard is like going under water in search of a drowned man with a candle in your hand. 929

The only to reform the drunkards is in sober and saner moments, they themselves should ponder over what they are doing to themselves. 930

Evil 10: Gambling

Never gamble. Even if you win, the money you won would only tempt you to gamble further. It is just a bait offered to the fish at the hook. 931

In gambling, you lose more times than winning. A person who is losing so many times can never hope to lead a virtuous life. 932

Every time you gamble, you only enrich your enemies. When you fall for rolling the dice, you allow your wealth to roll out. 933

Nothing will make you poorer faster than gambling. It brings in endless woes, destroys your reputation and takes you to ruin. 934

Daily visit to gambling dens in the hope of gain is the sure way to grief. 935

Gambling is a force of devil. It will continue to keep you in hunger and want. It also positions more and more of poverty to wait on you to bury you deeper and deeper. 936

Once you enter the gambling den, you not only lose your reputation and wealth, you would also lose the reputation and wealth of your ancestors. 937

Gamblers should know they are paying their money for losing their money. They need realize that they are paying their money to kill all their virtues and reputation and to bring distress on themselves. 938

To a drunkard the losses are manifold. He loses his wealth. He loses his food and quality of dress. Most importantly he loses his learning experience and finally he loses his honor and reputation. 939

In spite of all these losses, the gambler unfortunately continues to cling to gambling. Such people are born to suffer. 940

Evil 11: Female Infatuation

Those who are afflicted with lust, even from their own wives, will not attain the excellence of virtue. Lust in all forms should be avoided if one were to acquire wealth for himself. 901

One who is afflicted with lust ignoring his own responsibilities, is bound to bring shame upon himself. 902

Every man should avoid surrendering of manliness and choosing servitude to women. If practiced, one is liable to face shame and lose honor in the society. 903

The man who fears his wife can not make profitable use of his manliness. Accordingly he stands disabled to go out and achieve glory. 904

The man who runs after women will find it difficult to perform his obligations to the other orders, viz. Brmhacharis, Vanaprasthas and Sanyasis and thus be unable to fulfill his duties in the society. 905

Any one who surrenders his manliness to lust, ceases to be an man irrespective of his position in society. 906

Women of modesty are far higher in glory, than enslaved men. 907

An infatuated person can neither help others in need nor do his duty to the society. 908

To an infatuated person, nothing, including virtue and wealth, matters. 909

Wise men of strong minds and noble thinking never surrender to infatuation. 910

He who has the wisdom and the mental strength to control his sense organs sows his seeds of greatness in this world. 24

Evil 12: Adultery

In no part of the world, having an eye on another’s wife is acceptable. Those who lead a virtuous life, never commit the mistake of sighting other’s wife. 141

Among all the evil deeds one practices, getting into another’s house is the worst deed 142

Those who misbehave with the wives of friends are the beasts ever known. 143

However great one may be, he is small indeed when he chooses to desecrate the sanctity of another house. 144

Infamy is waiting to befall on the person who invades another house thinking it a trifle act 145

Enmity, sin, fear and disgrace are waiting to befall on the person coveting another’s wife.

The true family man is one who does not love another’s wife. 147

In addition to its being the law, it is a virtue to be not in lust with another’s wife. 148

Gentlemen are those who are free of vice of looking at another’s wife 149

One may have ignored other virtues, but every one should desist from the lust of adultery.

Evil 13: Prostitution

Do not fall a prey to the sweet words of public women who attract men for money. They are sure to cause sorrow to you. Remember the Principle of Pain and Pleasure. When you take pleasure, the pain awaits you. 911

Beware of public women who first weigh your wealth and then utter sweet words with evil designs in their heart. They feign love and only keep an eye on your purse. 912

[2000 years ago, when the above verses were written, such evil people kept only their eyes on your purse. But these days they affect your every day life by resorting to continued black mail etc. and continue to affect your purse, peace and family life. Beware. ]

By choosing to enjoy the un-natural embrace of such wealth loving women, you are choosing to enjoy the embrace of dead corpses in the darkness. 913

People seeking real love avoid the knowingly false embraces of money robbing prostitutes and instead go home and be with their loving wives. 914

Wise men never go after the false pleasures from women who hire their body to many for financial gains. 915

If you want to protect your health, wealth and fame, do not go after false women. 916

Do not be a man of unruly desires and do not opt for the shoulders of women whose focus and interests are elsewhere. 917

Do not think you are deriving any pleasure from the faithless embrace of false women. They are not the real pleasures. They are just the evil spirits on you. 918

Beware. By offering false pleasures, the decorated women are good in taking the undiscerning fools into pain. 919

The Goddess of Wealth deserts those who fall into false pretensions of double tongued women who treacherously put him to liquor and gambling. 920

Evil 14: Wrongful desires

India had great sages, saints and Rishis on its soil who had renounced their lives. Renunciation does not mean one has to renounce the world. Renunciation means renouncing the unlawful desires. One is said to have renounced when he abides by the rules of conduct and leads a virtuous life. And those who lead a virtuous life are saints who deserve all respect. This is what every scripture affirms. 21

No one can count the number of people who have already died and left this world. Similarly no one can count the glory of saints who have renounced. 22

Saints are the people who have mastered the knowledge of good and bad. They are the people who live by good and avoid all that is bad. And any one who does that is a saint in his own right. They are the people who deserve all respect from every one. 23

Renunciation is thus nothing but shedding wrongful desires. Since all wrong doings stem out of wrong desires, they are considered fit enough to be renounced. And since the all wrong doings cause pain, the more desires we are able to renounce, the more pains we save us from. 341

The real pleasures come from renunciation of wrongful desires. And any renunciation has to be done timely. 342

To be a saint, all we need to do is to control our five senses and to shed their longings.

Wrongful possessions are the first form of pain. Wrongful patronage is the next. Over attachment and any clinging would cause pain. 344

Beyond wrongful possessions, patronage and attachments, over protection of even one’s own body would cause pain. 345

Wrongful possessions, patronage and attachments arise from the feelings of ‘I” and “mine’. He who sheds these “I and mine” can achieve all the fame and happiness. 346

Grief and suffering only come to those who practice the “I and mine” and run after wrongful possessions, patronage and attachments” and suffer from unnecessary bonds. Sorrows will never let their grip on these persons. 347

Those who cannot renounce the above are truly caught in the net of desires and sufferings. Freedom from sufferings is available to those who have achieved freedom from wrongful desires. 348

The right thing to do therefore is to cut yourself off from the wrongful desires and wants. If you cannot do that, you are in for mundane sufferings. 349

Seek the company of people who have truly renounced their wrongful passions. That would show you the way. 350

Learned people say that wrongful desires in the minds of human beings are the seeds that sprout, grow and sustain the birth-death-birth cycle. 361

If at all anything is to be desired, we should desire freedom from the cycle of birth and death. And it can be achieved only by curbing wrongful desires. 362

The greatest wealth one can aspire for is freedom from wrongful desires. 363

Human minds get afflicted by various desires. It would be pure only if it is free of wrongful desires. And this can be achieved by any one who pursues what is of permanent value in this world, i.e. truth. Wrongful Desires arise when one pursues what is of temporary value. 364

In the four fold path of Hinduism, people are expected to pass through four stages of life. And the fourth stage is the Sanyas, i.e. renouncing this world. Only those who have renounced their lives are free people. All the others live their lives with some or the other wrongful desires in their minds. 365

What is true Dharma in our lives is avoiding unlawful desires. If a man has such desires, he endeavors to achieve them. And when such desires could not be achieved, he gets upset and tends to achieve them by sinful means. And where he achieves them, he becomes a slave to those wrongful desires, Thus the very presence of those desires block him and prevent the man from living a virtuous life. 366

The path of virtue is possible to be adopted fully only when they banish wrongful desires from their minds. 367

Those who are free from desires do not experience any difficulties in life. Whereas, those who run after their desires allow pain and grief to visit them. 368

Those who want permanent happiness in their lives, will not go after temporary pleasures and would not commit any unrighteous acts. 173

Wise people would control their senses and remain spotless. They would never give in to temptations and would stay right even in times of difficulties. 174

Desire is an evil power. True happiness in life is reserved for those who banish their desires. 369

Desires which are possible to be lawfully satisfied are not bad enough. But all of us should shed desires which are not satiable. If we can do that, we shall live in a perpetual state of happiness. 370

Poverty of a learned is far less harmful than the wealth in the hands of the uneducated.

Evil 15: Committing Murder

The chief virtue is to abstain from killing. If you have the mind to kill any creature you are the storehouse of all evils. 321

Compassion, hospitality, sympathy and non-violence are the virtues prescribed in all religions. Patronise and save lives. Never kill them. 322

The two virtues that have been placed on the top of virtues are non-violence and truthfulness in that order. 323

The definition of a good person is a person who does not resort to cause harm to others.

A person who practices non-violence is far superior to a saint who has renounced the world. 325

A man who does not kill other creatures would live a long life. 326

Do not kill any one even in self defence. When you take to arms even in self defence, it infuriates the other killer and with his high passion he would prove stronger than you and your death is more certain. Hence do not think of killing others even in self defence. Taking to arms in self defence, only violence spreads. 327

It is a shame to kill others even if there is any gain in that. People of wisdom would refrain from such sinful acts. 328

In the eyes of virtuous people, people who indulge in killing are the sinners of highest order. 329

People who resort to killing are highly sick in their minds and would lead a degraded life.

Evil 16: Eating Meat

The man who builds his body by killing other animals will not be able to respect the life of others. Nor he will be able to extend kindness and love to the other creatures. 251

A person who cannot take care of his property cannot appreciate wealth. Similarly those who eat flesh of other animals cannot appreciate kindness, compassion and mercy. 252

The heart of a flesh eater cannot have feelings of kindness and love. One who possesses a deadly weapon and takes pleasure in killing his prey, cannot not practice love. 253

What is compassion? It is not killing. And what is the opposite? It is killing, butchering and feasting on flesh. 254

We need to save lives of all creatures in this earth. The way to save lives is to abstain from eating meat. And those who eat meat cannot escape the hell. 255

If people stop eating flesh, the sale of meat will automatically stop. 256

People who eat must realize they are simply eating the wounds of other creatures. If they want to avoid wounds to themselves, they should refrain from eating meat. 257

People of wisdom will abstain from feeding themselves on the flesh of other animals. 258

Abstaining from meat eating is far nobler than performing thousand ‘Havan’ pouring food and ghee into the fire. 259

Persons who abstain from flesh eating, will be gratefully thanked by all creatures with folded hands. 260

Evil 17: Being Stupid

Stupidity always foregoes gain and opts for loss and grief. 831

The crown of stupidity is taking delight in what is forbidden. 832

Shameless towards evils, aimless in life and harshness towards people are the hallmarks of a stupid. 833

The most stupid person is one who is well read and preaches well, but never follows what he himself preaches. 834

Stupid people by their foolish acts put themselves to grief beyond retribution. 835

Stupid people do not know how to do any task well. They approach tasks without knowing their dimensions and without any planning and ultimately make things more complicated than they originally were. 836

When wealth falls into the hands of a stupid man, he is lost in having parties with strangers while the kith and kin continue to suffer. 837

When stupid people come into possession of either any worthy material or wealth, they behave like a mad or a drunken man. 838

Stupid people enjoy each others company unmindful of others. And they also depart breaking away from each others company without feeling any regret at the loss of friendship. 839

When fools come into the assembly of learned, they cause nuisance like putting one’s unclean foot on a wonderful bed. 840

Remove your Defects

Be free from ego, anger and meanness. Then you would lead a highly appreciable life.

Keep off from greed, low and mean pleasures and the ego. 432

If you want to lead a life of dignity and respect, keep off from even small and petty crimes. For noble men, even small crimes are big crimes. 433

A crime may be seen small and petty from the view point of the person committing the crime. The size of the crimes should be viewed from the consequence they produce. One may inflict a small fire. But then what is the consequence? Any crime doer is a great enemy. 434

Every one of us should avoid faults, even the small ones. If we do not guard against them, they would produce serious harm and destroy your life like a small fire put on a heap of straw. 435

And if you are holding a supervisory position, beyond ensuring that you are free from faults also ensure your men also are free of faults. That is the way to keep you off any blemish. 436

A miser does not spend the money he has and overseas the loss of all that money one day. Do not be a miser but put your money to good use. It is similar to fund allotment. Understand that all funds allotted to you are with a purpose and are meant to be spent for achieving the good. If you keep them unused, at the end of the period, they would lapse without a trace. 437

Do not be attached to money. It is this attachment creates greed in you. And that greed will force you to commit crimes. Greed is not one of the faults that people have. Greed is the chief of all faults. 438

The next to be got rid off are ego, boasting, conceit and running after trifles and small pleasures. These do not do you any good. 439

If you cherish and keep the above blemishes in you, you do not need any enemy to destroy yourself. 440

Many times our scriptures talk of greatest of kings including Indira, the lord of skies being subdued by the great saints. All these stories convey the message that those who lead a life of righteousness acquire supreme power over those who lead a life of slavery to their senses. 25

The senses to be controlled are five. Control your tongue both while eating and speaking. Control your sight as not to enjoy the obscene. Control your skin organs as not to go after bodily pleasures and not to hanker for the property belonging to others. Control your ears as not to listen to the wicked and unwise. Control your nose as not to enjoy the intoxicating materials. You are a great saint if you have conquered your sense organs and employ them with due thought and determination to do what is right. And when you achieve the world would respect you and fall at your feet. 27

To be real saints, one has to go beyond controlling his senses. From controlling the senses, he has to move on to cultivating himself to higher wisdom. All our saints had been great souls of wisdom. Wisdom denotes superior knowledge. Our scriptures have revealed the name and fame of great saints of superior wisdom who had benefited our ancestors with prophetic utterances. 28

There is a simplest way to drive away your vices and to acquire virtues. Start speaking kindly with loving words. All vices will desert you and all virtues would join you. 96

Your sweet words would light up the path of virtue so that they join you and your vices cannot stand that light 97

Avoid company of Evil People

All criminals unfortunately look like any other people. It is very difficult to differentiate them from the others from mere look. 1071

The surprising fact is that the wrong doers do not know they are doing wrong. They do not know what is bad, what is care, concern or humanity. 1072

Because the mean people act as they like one can even say they resemble Gods to many people of non-virtuous living. 1073

They freely mingle with people similarly mean or more mean and shamelessly revel in being wicked. 1074

Though they may pose themselves normal, they rule by creating fear in people. 1075

Just as the drums are beaten by the Kings to announce the laws, they expect that their commands be taken seriously and people obey them or else to face harm. 1076

The mean people obey only to those who are meaner than themselves and share their booty with them. 1077

A feeble cry is sufficient to arouse sympathy in good men. The mean minded are hard to crack. Any amount of effort would bring no sympathy from their heart. To make their heart to listen, they need to be crushed like the sugar cane. 1078

The heart of mean people cannot tolerate the prosperity of the others. They indulge in slandering people living in prosperity. 1079

The mean men will sell themselves to any one wanting to get the jobs done through them. And that is all they are fit for. 1080

Face read to Identify Evil People

The greatest ability in this world is face reading. This ability calls for identifying the visitor’s inner intentions by a mere look at his face without the need to talk to him. 701

The man who possesses the power to unmistakably discern what lies within another’s mind can be considered to possess divine powers. 702

It is always preferable to explore the possibilities of having one as your associates who can face read. 703

The ability of those who can scan another’s mind is far superior to the others you may have around you. 704

Give your eyes the skill of reading one’s mind by the expressions on his face. Your eyes are not only for seeing at the surface level. They should be able to probe deeper. 705

Mirror always reflects what is before it. Similarly, the human face is the mirror of what is inside one’s mind. By seeing one’s face, you must be able to interpret what is happening within. 706

Human face is the index of both happiness and agony in the mind of the owner. 707

Learn to study the face of people. It is a great skill to understanding what lies underneath.

Look at the eyes of people. They would convincingly reflect both friendliness and hostility lying in their minds. 709

There is nothing more revealing than the eyes for assessing the subtleties lying in the minds of others. 710

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